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We offer specialty catering services for all events!

Make your event catering planning easier with reliable catering services from Kandahar Grill. We are proud to offer excellent Halal Afghan cuisine catering services for your private parties, birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and many other special occasions.

We are committed to serving the highest quality cuts of Halal meat, adhering to the highest food quality standards. All our dishes, including our best sellers Chicken Tikka & Kofta Kabab, Chicken & Lamb Tikka, Bolani, and Lamb Tikka & Beef Kofta, are made fresh and served hot at your event. Our team will take over all the catering logistics, from preparing the food to serving the guests, so you can fully enjoy the party and focus on entertaining your guests.

We offer menu customization options for a personalized catering experience at your event. We will take care of all your catering requirements to suit your guests’ particular preferences (if any). Our chefs pay extra attention to food presentation to elevate the ambiance at your event with artful food platters. Our remarkable team of chefs with years of experience, expertise, and detail orientation is well-equipped to deliver an unforgettable culinary experience at your next event.

Afghan cuisine just might be that much-needed spark for making your event a huge success. So, when you need reliable catering services, hire Kandahar Grill’s catering services. We cater to various types of events.

    • Birthdays

      Organizing a birthday party? Impress and delight your guests with mouthwatering Afghan Halal cuisine. We offer customized menu options for every event, ideal for both kids and adults. Leave your catering planning to us!

    • Sweet Sixteens

      Menu planning for a sweet sixteen can be very stressful. That’s why we offer menu customization options, so everything is perfect as per your liking. Our chefs will ensure that the food presentation is on point for your princess’s special day.

    • Office Parties

      Eliminate all the hassle of catering planning for your office party with Kandahar Grill’s excellent catering services. We extensively focus on providing professional catering services with exceptional food presentation to impress your business associates.

    • Corporate event

      With extensive experience in catering, we understand the importance of catering planning for a corporate event. Our team at Kandahar Grill will ensure that nothing is amiss. We provide full-service catering for all types of corporate events, including corporate lunches, breakfast, and dinner parties.

    • Holiday Parties

      Don’t let the enjoyment of a holiday party simmer down with sub-par food. Serve the savory Halal Afghan cuisine from Kandahar Grill at your special event for a memorable experience. We are best known for our great food, on-time delivery, and reliable catering services.

    • School party

      Organize the best school party with delicious and high-quality Halal Afghan cuisine from Kandahar Grill at a great value. We offer an extensive catering menu with reasonably priced meals that will make your graduates feel special.

    • Wedding Parties

      Our experienced professionals specialize in smoothly managing all the catering logistics, from designing the menu, arranging on-time delivery and food table set-up to accommodating any additional catering needs you may have so that you can rest assured.

So, if you don’t know where to begin with your catering planning, get expert assistance from our catering specialists to plan the perfect party!

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